3 Celebrities Who Love Forma's Cryo T-Shock machine

Jun 14, 2023
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At Forma, we use the Cryo T-Shock machine which already has a devoted celebrity following...

In the world of glitz and glamor, celebrities always seem to possess perfect figures that leave us in awe. While diet and exercise play a crucial role, there's a cool secret that some A-listers swear by: cryoslimming using the Cryo T-Shock machine. This innovative fat reduction technique utilized by FORMA Cryo Body Aesthetics is rapidly gaining popularity among the rich and famous, and for good reason.

Jennifer Aniston loves the T-Shock treatments and is known to receive them in the comfort of her home. Skincare guru Paris Hilton has a T-Shock machine as part of her home spa for regular treatments. Broadway star Vanessa Williams has called the T-Shock "amazing" and has received facials as well as treatments on her thighs. 

The T-Shock uses controlled cooling to eliminate stubborn fat cells in targeted areas. It's a non-invasive procedure that requires no surgery or downtime. Celebrities love it because it allows them to sculpt their bodies and achieve those jaw-dropping red carpet looks without resorting to drastic measures. These results can be yours too!

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