4 Ways Forma is better than Cool Sculpting

Jun 13, 2023
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We at Forma believe our method is superior to other cool sculpting or cryo slimming methods. Read on for 4 main reasons why:

Cost: Los Angeles-area Cool sculpting or cryoslimming procedures run anywhere from $500-800 per session. We beat this cost by about half. 

Procedure: Other methods place a stationary, one-size-fits-all device on your body and leave you in the treatment room alone. We at Forma are with you the entire time to ensure a customized result that is also relaxing and therapeutic!

Efficacy: Other sculpting methods can leave you with lopsided results. At Forma, we can ensure you get the result you are desiring.

Safety: Unlike other methods, we do not use any suctioning or vacuuming. These methods can stretch the skin and give problematic results.

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