What to expect in your Forma treatment

May 30, 2023
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It's a first time for everyone! Here's what to expect going in.

Welcome to Forma! 

We perform our mobile services in-home in Los Angeles and Orange County utilizing the Cryo T Shock by Skin Science Solutions.

We will keep you comfortable as you relax on a table with soothing music. 

We will first get you situated and take measurements and photos of the area you would like to treat.

Then we will apply a gel formulated to assist the T-Shock wand to move smoothly over your face or body.

Then, the magic begins!

We will roll the wand over your desired area for what will feel like a heated and cooling massage. The treatment should not be painful; you will not feel any suctioning or stretching of the skin like other cryo or cool sculpting methods.

It is common to feel a sense of numbness in the area as it is being exposed to a prolonged period of cold temperature.

We often see changes at the end of treatments, which can last anywhere from 12-36 hours. However, some clients experience a 'bloating' effect, as the body's response to sending blood to warm the area. This should safely subside, as well as any redness on the body.

Each treatment will set you on the upward path to permanent fat loss. The science is that up to 20% of fat cells in a given area can be permanently frozen for removal with each treatment. It can take the body's lymphatic system up to 6-8 weeks to excrete the fat cells following your treatments.

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